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Fiona McConnell, Nick Megoran and Philippa Williams (eds), Geographies of Peace, London: I.B.Tauris, 2014. ISBN: 9781780761435 (cloth)

Reviewed by Jenna M. Loyd, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee

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The lyncher and the atom bomber are related. The first cannot murder unpunished and unrebuked without so encouraging the latter that the peace of the world and the lives of millions are endangered.

 – Civil Rights Congress (1951) “We Charge Genocide petition.”

Peace is an enduring concern among geographers whose discipline has been so complicit in conquest, territorial and geopolitical hegemony, war, and racism. Elisée Reclus, for example, wrote in 1898 that “the words ‘order’ and ‘social peace’ sound quite beautiful to our ears, but we would like to know what these noble apostles, the rulers, mean by these words. Yes, peace and order are great ideals that deserve to be realized…

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synthetic zero

Working with a framework that incorporates mathematical analysis, social science, and observation of natural phenomena, the ‘Human And Nature Dynamical’ (HANDY) model projects “business as usual” could lead to the end of industrialized civilization. Accepted for publication in the Elsevier Journal of Ecological Economics, the study finds ample historical evidence that overpopulation, failing agriculture, limited access to water, energy consumption, and the unequal distribution of wealth could all combine to spell the end for society as we know it…

The researchers believe that humanity is on a collision course with disaster, and they outline two likely scenarios. In the first, everything will appear to be fine for a short period of time, but eventually a small number of Elites will begin to deplete everyone’s resources. Even under the most “conservative” consumption rates, the Elites will take too much and cause a famine amongst the Masses and…

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Robert E. Park ve Ernest W. Burgess, Şehir: Kent Ortamındaki İnsan Davranışlarının Araştırılması Üzerine Öneriler, Türkçe söyleyen: Pınar Karababa Kayalıgil [Heretik: 22; Sosyoloji Dizisi: 6]

Nisan 2015 | 296 s. | ISBN : 9786058446632

Park ve Burgess’in ilk kez 1925’te basılan klasikleşmiş bu çalışmasına Alim Arlı “Yüzyıl Sonra ‘Şehir’i Okuma Denemesi” başlıklı ayrıntılı bir takdim yazdı, İçindekiler ile birlikte şuradan indirebilirsiniz.

Dile kolay, 90 yıl sonra…

İlk baskısı 1925 yılında yapılmış bu klasik eser, devamında, ABD’de ve dünyanın geri kalanında kent sosyolojisi çalışmalarında merkezî bir referans noktası teşkil etmiş; Robert E. Park ve ekibi tarafından o zamanlar daha henüz bir araştırma programı olarak sunulan “ekolojik yaklaşım”, kenti konu alan ciddi ve zengin bir saha pratiğini tetiklemiş; özellikle Chicago Sosyoloji Bölümü bünyesinde yürütülmüş bu çalışmaların teorik çıktıları ise uzun bir dönem boyunca tartışılmıştır. Lakin bugünden bakıldığında eserde kesif bir “naftalin” kokusu da mevcuttur; kullanılan normatif ve organizmacı dil şaşırtabilir ve hatta rahatsız dahi edebilir; savunulan…

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The Funambulist

Masterplan for a new Egyptian Capital by Skidmore Owings, & Merrill (2015)

About a month ago, the General el-Sisi’s administration announced that the Egyptian government will be soon building a new capital city for the country. Designed by the famous American architecture office Skidmore Owings, & Merrill (SOM), the masterplan of this new city places it in the desert about 50 miles East of Cairo, thus continuing a politics of expansion to the desert that someone like friend Mohamed el-Shahed has consistently proven as unsuccessful. Yet, this plan should not be judged for its success or, rather, its success (i.e. the actualization of the intents that motivated its construction) is precisely what should be feared here. The following text will attempt to articulate the hypothesis that this masterplan will constitute a new urban paradigm for the future, sharing similarities (although updating them) with the infamous Georges-Eugène Haussmann’s masterplan to radically transform…

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