Chasing Mirages in the Desert


“No. Cairo’s problems is not caused by too many Cairenes. Cairo’s problems are caused by the complete lack of any effective, democratic institutions in which we could have a say in how our city is being run. The governor of Cairo, like the governor of Giza (its sister city), is not elected, but chosen from the ranks of the military or the police, his prime mandate being the pacification of the city and keeping it under control. Our municipal bodies, although elected, have no financial or administrative independence, and, as such, they have become a hotbed of rampant corruption. We don’t even have a say in how to run our streets or our buildings.

And instead of addressing the root of the problem and allowing us a say in how we shape our own lives and fulfill our dreams, the government is boasting about its ability to raise billions of dollars from friendly governments and business tycoons from all over the world, only to spend these deeply needed billions on chasing mirages in the desert.”



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