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James Tully has a new book on Global Citizenship in which he lays out his arguments regarding the differences between civil and civic traditions. The book then has a series of essays responding to Tully. The entire thing is open access, here is the pdf.

The essay simmers down some of the essentials in Tully’s earlier works like Strange Multiplicity and Public Philosophy in a New Key. Especially in the latter he works out his position on the civil/civic distinction and, with the former, positions it with a significant emphasis on democratic practice over democratic institutions/ideals.

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The Funambulist

Maps created by Léopold Lambert for The Funambulist (August 3, 2014) /
Download a high-quality version of the three maps here (13.2MB)
(license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommerical-ShareAlike 4.0)

The horror continues to be perpetuated by the Israeli army in Gaza. I have to be honest, I write these articles and draw these maps as much by political urge as by cathartic necessity — hopefully, both can work together. This text attempts to work as a complement to Derek Gregory‘s recent article entitled “The Dead Zone” (Geographical Imaginations, August 2, 2014). It focuses on the recent 3000% increase of the “no-go zone’s” width that borders the Gaza strip, thus forcing close to 500,000 Palestinians to be displaced (source: UN OCHA)

The Israeli army, as we saw through the examples of land expropriation in the West Bank, and of the so-called “knock on roof” tactic in Gaza, is particularly…

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Since published here: as Stewart L “Rights discourse and practices, everyday violence and social protests: Who counts as subject and whose lives are real in the neo-colonial South African nation state?” 2014 LDD 1 – 21


Who but the police and armed forces that co-exist with democracies can control and manage poverty and the deterritorialisation-reterritorialisation of shanty towns? What social democracy has not given the order to fire when the poor come out of their territory or ghetto? Rights can neither save men nor philosophy that is reterritorialised on the democratic State. Human rights will not make us bless capitalism. (Deleuze & Guattari, 1994, pp. 103, 107 translation altered by Paul Patton 2010a, p. 165)

How does the unspeakable population speak and makes its claims? What kind of disruption is this within the field of power? And how…

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