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The Charnel-House The League of Nations competition, 1927: Contemporary architecture comes to the front Sigfried GiedionSpace, Time, and Architecture(1938) . The 1927 international competition for the League of Nations Palace at Geneva is one of the most illuminating episodes in the history of contemporary architecture. For the first time present-day architects challenged the routine of the …

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synthetic zero

Let us dare, then, to make the following hypothesis: the raw materials of today’s production process are excitation, erection, ejaculation, and pleasure and feelings of self-satisfaction, omnipotent control, and total destruction. The real stake of capitalism today is the pharmacopornographic control of subjectivity, whose products are serotonin, techno-blood and blood products, techno-sperm, antibiotics, estradiol, antacids, techno-milk, cortisone, alcohol and tobacco, morphine, insulin, cocaine, living human eggs, citrate of sildenafil (Viagra), and the entire material and virtual complex participating in the production of mental and psychosomatic states of excitation, relaxation and discharge, as well as those of omnipotence and total control.

This extract comes from Testo Junkie: sex, drugs, and biopolitics in the pharmacopornographic age, one that I absolutely endorse, that I couldn’t endorse more fully, and, to give it the most narcissistic & therefore highest compliment possible, which I wish I had written myself. To risk going overboard; this…

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