A day at Chelsea

Today I went to see Joy Garnett’s Edham the Orientalist (from the series “Tracing the Covers of Nonexistent Books”) at the Winkleman Gallery.

The Wayland Rudd Collection at Winkleman Gallery
foto?raf 3
Afterwards I wondered off to Derek Eller Gallery where I saw Michelle Segre’s show titled Symptoms of Escape Velocity
foto?raf 2
foto?raf 5
From there I moved to James Cohan Gallery, where Simon Evans had his Edible Landscape show.
foto?raf 3-1
foto?raf 2-1
foto?raf 4
The commercial garbage of the day was the next one, Alex Prager’s Face in the Crowd. It seemed as if Bernardo Bertolucci wanted to make art and ended up looking like Atom Egoyan.
The ultimate find of the day was the last exhibit, 1960’s minimalist  Julije Knifer’s first solo exhibition in the US, at the Mitchell-Innes & Nash Gallery.
In the case of Joy Garnett, I am biased. Michelle Segre and Simon Evans reminded me of William Pope L. and David Hammons. Perhaps, not the ones pictured above by me but the others in the gallery. Alex Prager was what it was. But, Julije Knifer, although an unapologetic minimalist, he had a sense of humor. That was amazing.

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